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In this page you will be able to find some useful information about Istanbul. This information is just a summary. If you have questions, please ask us!

Airport Transfer Problems in Istanbul: WARNING! There are some people waiting at the international arrival terminal for flight arrivals and looking for people who is looking around – who looks unfamiliar with the transportation system- DO NOT talk to them and bargain before you talk to a taxi driver of airport taxi station. They may try to overcharge you! Let's assume that you arrive in the Ataturk Airport – main airport of Istanbul – and you do not have any transfer reserved via a travel agency or by your hotel reservation system.

In this case you have several alternatives:

  1. Taking a taxi
  2. Buy an airport transfer from a travel agency located at the airport
  3. Using airport buses-HAVAS
  4. Using public transportation

1. If you are going to take a taxi, you should be well aware of the prices- at least aproximate prices. For example from Ataturk Airport to Taxim-modern city area or Sultanahmet- old city area, the taxi must cost nothing more than 40-50 US $ if there is traffic jam. If there is not it is going to cost even less. No excuses! If the taxi drivers tell you that they want to use highway to be able to arrive faster, it is going to be just few bucks more. Thats it!

2. Airport Transfer.  We do not recommend it! Maybe if you are more than 3 people and need extra space for your luggage it is acceptable. In this case you can pay a little bit more instead of taking two seperate taxis.

3. Airport Buses (HAVAS).  These buses depart from the airport every half an hour or every hour of the day. They arrive in several city centers from where you may need to take a taxi again but for a short distances. Or if your hotel is located in Taxim area than you can just walk! The price of these bus trip is around 8 dollars per person. The person who helps with luggages can speak a little bit of English – enough for helping you to which station to go to arrive your destination.

4. Public Transportation.  There is a subway-metro line from the airport which arrives until Aksaray passing through also big bus station of Istanbul- ESENLER Bus station. Aksaray is a city center and close to other city centers. You can take this subway buying coins from the machines. They cost around 1 US $ and the subway line is just one line. It is not complicated at all! For coming back from your hotel to the airport you will be experienced already or will have found a good friend to help you or just follow the steps vice-versa! IF YOU ARRIVE IN SABIHA GOKCEN AIRPORT Just take a HAVAS airport bus or reserve a private transfer in advance from a trustworthy travel agency


Where you can find the biggest brands! They may have better prices than in your country. For example, a Spanish Brand Zara is much cheaper here in Turkey than it is in Spain!

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We are going to talk about historical visits or daily sightseeing tours of Istanbul here. If you are interested in the tours please click here and follow this link . We will tell you something about local activities in Istanbul.

  • Go to Taxim! Do some shopping! There are plenty of restaurant of different kitchens. Eat something different. Taxim – Istıklal Caddesi – Independence Street has many narrow connection streets. In this area, you can find many kinds of stores, restaurants and pubs to drink some beer!
  • Go to Cihangir! Drink a cup of Turkish Tea or Turkish Cofee in one of the fancy cafes of Cihangir. It is an area close to Taxim Square. You can go there by following Sıraselviler Street – one parallel street of Istıklal Caddesi.
  • Go to Bebek and have your lunch of dinner in one of the restaurants with real Bosphorus view. Walk along the coast a little bit and take some fresh air. See luxury life of Istanbul where you can see many Ferraris pass by the road!
  • There are many more things to do in Istanbul if you have enough time but of course it is impossible to list them all here.

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First thing you should know about the night time in Istanbul is that Istanbul is a city as dangerous as any big city in th world because of that, every well-known precautions for not to be robbed etc. are the same for Istanbul and nothing extra! One small tip: If at the entrance of a place there is a light sign saying only CLUB or NIGHT CLUB do not enter! They have nothing to do with night clubs. Except for this small detail, there are hundreds of alternatives from big fancy dance clubs to small pubs. From punk-rock bars to heavy-metal places. Halls with live music to DJ performances etc… T
he night life of Istanbul is centered in Taxim area
 but there are many other different clubs in other places. BIGGEST CLUBS ARE: Reina CLUB Indigo CLUB Anjelique Restaurant Bar Mojo Dance Club Babylon Live Performance Hall Kemancı Bar Roxy Club and many more…

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