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Ihlara Valley Tour Packages in Cappadocia

Ihlara Valley is actually a part of Aksaray city. It is not offically connected with Cappadocia but as there is very little to see in city of Aksaray, Ihlara is widely known as a part of Cappadocia and it is generally booked with other tours in Cappadocia. People do not travel to Cappadocia only for Ihlara but if they extra time to join this tours, it is really enjoyable and relaxing. For Package tours to Cappadocia we have everyday guarantee departure all year long. Please ask for Ihlara Valley Tours  

1 -Ihlara Tour Package

At around 09.00 -09.30 in the morning we pick you up from your hotel in Cappadocia and drive you to Goreme first to see the beautiful panaromic view. After passing Goreme, we drive to Derinkuyu Underground city to see interesting formation and listen the exciting story of the underground city – how people constructed these cities, where and why they lived in these cities and how they are killed when they were living in these shelters. After quiete a long visit in this underground city we will drive you to Ihlara Valley in Aksaray. We will take a long walk in Ihlara Valley. We wll see Pigeon Valley We will visit Monastery of Selime.  Also we will have a lovely lunch in a restaurant located inside of the Ihlara Valley.  
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