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For Istanbul Tours and Turkey tours we provide a wheelchair for our handicapped guests.

Turkey is a country that is designed hundreds of years ago and those times were not the modern times and the formation of the cities is not suitable for disabled people.
Today the country is more modern than ever and every year new changes are made and from public transportations to the hotel entrances are being changed and made suitable for handicapped people. But it is still far from being a handicapped person friendly people if you do not consider very helpful people around who will be happy to help you in any minute you need.
Because of the insufficient steps taken to develop the country for disabled persons, it not only difficult to go around for you, but also for any woman with a baby carrier. Another big problem is the wrong parking of the cars. Turkey is a very crowded country and people love having cars here. Almost every family have at least one car and there is not enough space to park the cars so they put them on the pavements which make the streets even more complicated to handicapped people.
But if you are planning to come to Turkey, I can not guarantee you that you wont have any problem at all but can guarantee you that you are not going to have trouble as much as you think because it is people here are really helpful. But anyway once you are in Turkey, you will most probably need a wheelchair and if you do not want to carry yours with you, we will provide you a simple wheel chair for your comfort and we will do it free of charge. You can go back to our main page and choose any Tours in Turkey to reserve and let us know about your request of wheelchair!