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About Our Company

 TOUR PACKAGES IN TURKEY is the online Turkey tour booking website of  PRIDE TRAVEL AGENCY. The company is an individual and tailor-made excursion organizer travel agency in Turkey as well as an experienced tour operator in Istanbul. Enjoy your trip to Turkey by our experience and English or Spanish speaking guided Turkey tour packages. TOUR PACKAGES IN TURKEY works with live people instead of using some booking online systems to make sure that the customers won’t be feeling cheated at the end of the booking process having already talked to a live person and knowing all the price details and what is included or not. By this mean, you are not asked to pay some extra fees. The person who will be taking care of your requests is going to most probably be Mrs. Alexa and if she is not available to reply you within the first 24 hours after we receive your request, another person will reply your e-mail. Tour Packages In Turkey is strives to give you the best possible prices with the best service available. For our customers we provide a cell phone number after buying any service from us! This telephone number will be reachable 24 hours a day and in case of a possible problem – it does not necessarily be about our services – we will help you. Our travel agency offers many more travel services in Turkey than mentioned in this website. Turkey is a huge country and there are lots of things to do and if we intend to put them all in here, the webpage is going to be a mess. So we decided to put the most important ones but if you have something else in your mind that is not mentioned here, please contact us and ask for more! And also as mentioned in other pages of the site, all the package programs we offer can be customized and adjusted to your necessities.

Our office address :

Alemdar Mahallesi /Ates Pasaji Incili Cavus Sokak no: 33 or nr: 15 -both numbers can be found in the building Sultanahmet-Eminonu -Fatih İstanbul/Turkey   Our telephone numbers are: 00902125277779 0090212 527 06 73 Our e-mails : Pride Travel Tursab nr: A5240 For further information please feel free to contact us! If you need further information about our travel agency, please e mail us or call us to ask! A few tips about your travel agency:  Do not forget that your travel agency must be a member of TURSAB – Asociation of Turkish Travel Agencies and all the certified travel agencies in Turkey need to issue an obligatory travel insurance for their clients for any package program except Istanbul hotel accomodations and tours. It is possible that you already have this insurance before you leave your country but it has nothing to do with that insurance and it is OBLIGATORY. You may be asked to pay – small amounts like 5 euros per person- for thisinsurance or not – it is up to the travel agency itself but they should do it anyway!

Important Note:

Using a travel agency in stead of planning your trip to Turkey on your own may seem more expensive at the first glance.  But if you make the necessary calculations you will see that you will save money and time. And also there is one person (company) who will be responsible with your vacation which means if something goes wrong, you will be able to find somebody to talk about it and she will be the one who is taking care of anything. You wont need to think too much. This is supposed to be your holiday and you need to relax and enjoy it in stead of making plans all the time. Let somebody else familiar with the country make the plans and arrangements. BOTH SIDES WIN! Any travel agency that is member or TURSAB can obtain better prices than you can as an individual for accommodation, for flights and even for entrance fees to museums which means you pay more or less the same amount or even less for an organized trip and travel agency earns money on it.